Motorcycle Camping Road Trip: Clothes Review and Tips

This is a motorcycle road trip gear review, in installments, from my 23 days living on the road and off of my motorcycle. I keep a personal “motorcycle diaries”, cataloging “lessons learned” and “bring next time”. These are some of my notes. More gear review categories can be found here.

Clothes Review and Tips



  • Patagonia R1 wear
  • Merino wool baselayers
  • Shirts that can dress up or dress down
  • Compressible, formal and understated-enough looking shoes that can pass in urban or business settings
  • Clothing items that could dual-purpose into a pillow when camping
  • Bandanas

One of my go-to layers for anything I do outdoors is Patagonia’s R1 wear.  It warms up by one’s own body heat. Typically I wear just the long sleeve shirt, but with the bottoms, the legs stay warm by just existing within the pants, without even having to be physically active. If it is chilly out, a windbreaker is advised, as it is breathable material and air does go through.

Baselayers, as I mentioned in the riding gear review, were great, especially the ultralight merino wool material. Merino wool can be made thin enough to wear the long sleeve version even in warmth. Wool is breathable and odor resistant. Wearing it kept my riding gear smelling decent.

Because I was also spending some time in more urban centers, and meeting with organizations for informational interviews and site visits, I brought a couple of collared button-down tops, the type that one could meet with important people and look dressed up enough, or go hiking in. I also brought compressible Sanuk shoes, not great for walking around long distances, but classic enough that I could go to those meetings and look business casual. I also brought a nonwrinkleable black skirt, which is nice to go about in once in a while to feel feminine when most days I felt bulky in the protective riding gear.

I also brought a couple of items (puffie jacket and a vest) that were comfortable enough to stuff in a bag and use as a pillow when camping.

Bandanas. I brought two, and ended up using both. Multifunctional, small. Worth bringing them.


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