Solo Motorcycle Road Trip

MMcGuire_Infographic_Solo Moto Trip_M


Riding nearly 4000 miles of mountainous winding through the Canadian Rockies, western Montana and Wyoming’s Beartooth Range, and Washington’s Northern Cascades, my BMW 650GS and me. This is land of pristine nature and waters, but also of natural resources that are extracted, often scarring land and disrupting ecosystems, to support humans’ technological and comfort habits. There are also efforts for responsible natural resource extraction. This trip will be used to research, document and explore the relationship between humans and nature.

Technical Specifications


  • 2011 BMW G650GS
  • Single cylinder
  • 423 pounds (unladen)


  • 2 year riding history
  • Solo
  • Female
  • 105 pounds (unladen)

Gear list

  • Ultralight backpacking principles and gear as the foundation.
  • Honestly, if you need something, I probably have it.

Personal essentials

  • Knife (versatile use)
  • Sunglasses (sensitive eyes)
  • Hat (vanity)
  • Layers (I get cold easily)
  • Peanut butter shots (power for me)
  • Portable jump starter (power for testy motorcycle batteries)
  • SPOT satellite messenger (for others’ peace of mind, and just in case)
  • Maps (context)
  • Camera (to capture moments from another eye and memory)
  • Blank sketch pad and pens (for words or other strokes)
  • Book (to see the world through another’s mind)
  • Hammock (the ultimate life)


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